Embark on a journey to rediscover inner harmony through yoga, an ancient practice that unites the body, mind, and spirit through postures, mindful breathing, and meditation, fostering equilibrium and serenity.

    As a seasoned instructor, I offer personalized guidance tailored to your experience level, emphasizing fluid movements and heightened body awareness.

    Beginner/Senior Level:

    Reconnect with a profound sense of tranquility and nurture both body and mind in this one-hour class. Immerse yourself in the serene energy known as "mana" by the Polynesians, suitable for practitioners of all levels, particularly beginners and seniors.

    Fluid Intermediate/Advanced Level:

    Strengthen your body, enhance flexibility, and calm the mind in this one-hour practice set amidst picturesque surroundings. Tailored for intermediate to advanced practitioners, this session aims to invigorate and restore.

    - $70 (€60, 7000 pcf) for 60 minutes; $60 for each additional person
    - $100 (€90, 10000 pcf) for 90 minutes; $80 for each additional person