Taha'a flower-shaped island

Here, paradise beaches, crystalline waters, and the enchanting aroma of vanilla plantations await. Embark on adventures along untamed trails, plunge into the azure lagoon, or relax in the Coral Garden. Taha'a emerges as an ideal destination for family retreats or romantic getaways, just minutes from Raiatea.

Discover unique experiences such as fishing, sailing, snorkeling in translucent waters, touring vanilla farms, pearl diving, and savoring local rum tastings. With accommodation options ranging from authentic guesthouses to prestigious luxury hotels, Taha'a caters to diverse tastes and budgets.

To reach Taha'a, travel to Raiatea from Tahiti by plane or ferry, then enjoy a short boat ride to the island. Explore its beauty by car, scooter, or electric bike, easily arranged through various local partners who also handle your return transfers (from boat docks, airports, hotels, etc.). Taha'a, a Polynesian gem, eagerly awaits to create unforgettable moments.


To highlight the talents of local artisans, we'll lead you to discover more of Taha'a's treasures: from vanilla farms and pearl farms to cultural landmarks, handicrafts, scenic walks, and must-try activities. These experiences will enrich your stay, even if you're not a resident.

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Photos by @sailavida